09 July 2013

An Observation

"You Had Me At Meat Tornado" by Nan Lawson (shop)
At the palace of sandwiches, Subway, I have a few sandwiches I thoroughly enjoy.

At the moment, my very favorite is the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with lots and lots of veggies on it. In my mind, it is a highly sought after sandwich, because it is a breakfast sandwich and if you want it for lunch, you have to find a Subway that serves brekky all day.

My favorite part of this sandwich is you never know how much bacon you are going to get on the sandwich. Funnily, in my experience if a lady Subway worker is making your sandwich, you will get 2-3 pieces. If a boy Subway worker makes it, you will get 5-6 pieces.

Bottom line, it's a delicious sandwich and boys want people to eat more bacon.

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