08 July 2013

Confession #62

Weird Lee Pace character; July 2013
I'm a little behind on my chick flick viewing, so this past weekend while Josh was gone I caught myself up a little bit while I packed up our apartment. By watching the last "Twilight" movie. I don't even know why I decided that was what I wanted to watch. Perhaps it was curiosity. I read the books when I was younger, so I knew how the books ended, but seeing everything "come to life" was bizarre. How are those movies so bad?!

What is up with the running special effects?
Why does Edward and Bella's baby look so weird?
Why is everyone's hair still weird looking?
Why did they stick with the glitter skin effect when the vampires go in the sunlight?

There was this funny scene where the head vampires have to kill a vampire who did something wrong. They kind of pop her head off like one might a Barbie doll, and pop her arms off. It was a very Monty Python and the Holy Grail style execution.

Also, Lee Pace is in this Twilight installment and his character is very much different than his Ned character in "Pushing Daisies." I like Ned better.

I was thinking the movies might improve, kind of like the Harry Potter movies got better after a different producer got ahold of them. Of course, Twilight will never compare to Harry Potter, so maybe they thought they shouldn't even try.

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  1. Yeah, the movies are kind of......adorably awful? Especially the first one. Bella just twitches and mumbles a lot. But we all clamored to see them! Or at least I did......lol

    Oh, and Lee Peace was the only redemptive quality of that movie.