05 July 2013

Renting in Santa Fe

This bathtub is pink in real life!
Josh and I have rented our fair share of places, but I don't think the hunt for a place has been as entertaining as Santa Fe has been.

One lady I contacted about a house was really nice, but when we started talking about the features of the house, she mentioned quickly that the bedrooms didn't have doors on them. And that the two bedrooms were connected, as in you have to walk through one to get to the other. Josh and I both weren't sure about that.

Another lady we contacted wanted us to come see the house she had, but she was so unorganized we decided to not even bother with her. Unorganized meaning she scheduled us, but had to cancel because she had something else, then kept leaving us voice mails for someone else.

Early in the hunt, I saw a great place on Craig's List and called the number it said to. It was already rented out, which was fine, but I just did not appreciate her hanging up on me.

The house we ended up renting is great. The owners are the nicest people and the guy who is renting it out for them is really nice too. Every time I talked to him, he seemed a little stressed out (he was still very polite though). When we met up with the owners to sign the lease, neither of us had received anything to sign so Mrs. Marcy told me what was going on in his life.

His wife was pregnant, but was having some abdominal pains, so they went to the hospital. The hospital dismissed them saying, "Oh, it's just your gallbladder." She was still having terrible pains, so they went back and once again they sent her home in pain. Those pains turned out to be labor pains and she gave birth at home. BY HERSELF. She gave birth to a healthy little girl... by herself. That makes me angry that they didn't take better care of a pregnant lady. After she gave birth, went to the hospital and came back home, she was still having abdominal pains. Turned out that her appendix ruptured and no one caught that. She could have died.

Any way. We found a house to rent!

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  1. Super excited for y'all. Sorry we can't be there to help move!!