11 July 2013

Wedding Quilt

I finally found some pictures of our wedding rehearsal dinner on my Mom's camera, where Josh's Mom gave us a quilt that Josh's relative Gretchen made us! And I found the letter Gretchen wrote us about the quilt while I was packing! I have to share the letter, because it's really cool and tells where all of the fabrics are from.
Josh & Julie,
Laurel is going to bring you our gift to you and wanted to explain why I picked this quilt for you. First, because Julie knows quilts are special and she likes replica 30s. That's the new and I mixed it with old- pieces from the old aprons from Momo and maybe Grandma Jones and possibly Goggie. Lots of wonderful, strong women in this family.
 Ok Josh, there is one block that was an old shirt of Chuck's. Haha! One very special 2.5" square of purple floral on the edge. You know how special. The new for the future and the old to not forget the past.
 This is meant to be a picnic quilt to create your own memories and remember all the past picnic memories- like 4th of July in Prescott, etc.

We hope your wedding is a day of great joy! We know it will be.
All Our Love,
John and Gretchen


  1. That is so precious! What is it about quilts? They are just the best. I hope when I get married I'll get an awesome quilt like that!

  2. Julziee
    What a precious treasure that quilt is. I am glad Gretchen got to meet you before you married and knew how much you would cherish a quilt. Dad and I are happy you married into such a great family!