14 August 2013

A Little Adventure

horny toad/horned lizard/ horned frog; august 2013
Josh and I hadn't gone hiking together alll summer thanks to work and dissertations, so on Saturday both of us were itching to go outside. I was really itching to get out- I don't even have a sock tan line this year!

We headed out later in the day to a trail that starts just a few minutes from our house. On the way there, I saw my first live coyote! (all the other ones I've seen were shot by my Aunt Kim) The trail was really fun and a good hike. Throughout the hike we passed by mountain bikers and other hikers who were headed down the mountain.

On our way back down the mountain, we came around this turn and I saw it first. It was a light cinnamon colored bottom. Then, Josh saw it as it started running up the hill.

It was a bear. A BEAR.

It ran away from us and back up the mountain onto a little ridge where it sat and watched us. We stood still for a few minutes, because Josh thought the bear looked small, so we needed to look for the mom bear. After a few minutes of looking for the mom bear, Josh felt confident that there wasn't one, so we continued on. I was on high alert the rest of the hike.

We were probably 20 yards from that bear. I did some reading- it was a black bear and probably wouldn't have approached us even if it was closer. They usually only attack if they have rabies, are emaciated or feel like their cubs are in danger.

Being that close still scares me a little. It was a beautiful animal, but I would rather see it in a photo or video.

Signs of a fun hike:
-Kicked things off with a coyote sighting.
-Saw/held a horny toad for the first time.
-Saw a bear 20 yards away.
-Got 3 giant blisters on my feet.
-Got soaking wet from the rain.
-Also was hailed upon.
-Came home with muddy shoes.

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  1. So neat that the trail is so close to your house! Sounds like nature wanted to make up for the fact that you hadn't been outside in a while...