23 August 2013

Confession #65

VooDoo Donuts Josh brought me from Portland; August 2013
There is this quote floating around a few blogs and all over pinterest that says, "Don't reward yourself with food- you aren't a dog." Whoever was quoted saying this is silly and obviously not a Southerner. While I think you should be conscious of what you eat (i.e. don't eat crap every day), I also regularly reward myself/celebrate with food. The donuts above were my "I'm glad my husband is done with school forever" celebration. Why not reward with food? Having a good looking body is great, but if you aren't feeding it and celebrating what it can do, you aren't going to have it for very long.

1 comment:

  1. YEAH!!! I went there TWICE on my Portland trip. You can smell them from outside their super tiny storefront. I went back a second time so I could bring some home and have a famous pink Voodoo box. All airport personnel (ALL) threatened to detain me if I didn't share. And yes, the pink box counts as a carry-on.