08 October 2013

2013 Albuquerque Blacklight Run

Yours truly, John, Alicia, Tanya, Sara, Sara, Erin, and Jen
You guys. I think Josh and I have found our people.

There is a pretty nice sized group of people in our age range at church that are fun and like to do things. It only took us a year and a move to Santa Fe to find them! Some of them have this running group thing going on. A few weeks ago, the Blacklight Run was in Albuquerque and said running group was participating. I have somewhat diligently been working on my running simply because I've always wanted to be a runner and now's the time to get started and also what else am I going to do out here?

So, we all ran the 5k and it was wonderful! My time on this run was faster than my last one! I don't know what comes over me during timed races, because for the life of me I cannot do a 10 minute mile on the treadmill for multiple miles, but my last two 5ks have been 33 minutes and under. Also, this run was special because all of the profits went to children's brain cancer research and my littlest sister-in-law's 12th heavenly birthday was coming up. It was special and I made little purple and pink heart pins so we could bring her with us.


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  1. Yeah for finding a good church, new friends, and running skills. Even though you two never had the chance to meet, I know Nichole would have loved having you as a sister-in-law, just as much as the rest of the family does. You'll have a lot to catch up on when you finally meet. ~Love Miss Laurel