04 October 2013

Confession #67

Johannesburg and Toddage; November 2012
I didn't get nervous at my own wedding (as long as I ended up married at the end of the evening I was fine), but when I'm shooting a wedding it is a whole different situation.

Shooting weddings is terrifying.

The last wedding I shot was around this time of year in 2011 and the people ended up yelling at me that they didn't like their photos and I ruined their wedding. That is almost the worst possible thing that could happen. Second only to losing memory cards.

But! The lighting at this wedding is a million times better, JoAnna is one of my best friends and it is on my home turf. And I have my favorite Kerri shooting with me. I have formatted memory cards, charged batteries and back up batteries, tested flashes and have done my homework on what's going on in journalistic wedding photography these days. We can do this!