02 October 2013

Horseback Riding in Greer

Weekend before last, Josh and I both were able to take time off of work and meet up with some of his family in Greer, Arizona. Josh's family has been to Greer several times, but this was my first time. I loved it! I think everyone had a good time. I told Josh that I was making it my mission to go horseback riding on this trip.

Mrs. Laurel is the bestest mother in law and scheduled a ride while I was sleeping one morning. We went on a two hour ride through some beautiful farmland with Bill the guide and Dee the pup guide. She's also pretty tough. When we were driving out to where the ride started, there were some rain clouds hanging out, but we thought they might hold up for a little while. 
They held up until about fifteen minutes into our ride. It was just a light steady rain, but we were both glad that we brought rain coats and hats. The rain stopped long enough for our pants to dry for the most part. Then, it completely poured for the last twenty minutes of the ride. The horses were anxious to get home and would start trotting every so often- I would have loved this normally, but my pants were so wet I couldn't post!My horse's name was Butterfly and it was unclear if it was a boy or a girl. He (?) was introduced as a boy, but was named Butterfly and I never looked under the hood. Also not confirmed, Mrs. Laurel's horse may or may not have fallen asleep while walking during the first fifteen minutes of our ride.

Wet pants or not, it was so fun!


  1. Ah! Love me some Greer. Don't say I didn't warn you about the rain. ;) Looks like a lovely ride.

  2. Great pics Julziee! That sounds like so much fun! I hope someday I can try horseback riding again!