15 October 2013

Zozobra 2013

 Santa Fe has turned out to be a little weird, charming place. Each year on the Thursday after Labor Day is the Burning of Will Shuster's Zozobra. My friend Erin convinced me that I needed to experience this, so I went this year. The Kiwanis Club is in charge of building "Old Man Gloom" now that Will Shuster has passed away. They make him out of muslin, chicken wire and stuff him with the woes of Santa Fe. He has all sorts of stuff in him- parking tickets, divorce papers, wedding dresses from failed marriages, etc. After sundown, everyone gathers in Fort Marcy Park. Some of the local performers perform and then the fire dancer comes out and lights him on fire. The whole time this is going on, Old Man Gloom is making moaning noises like he's in pain and people are yelling, "Burn him!" all around. It was kind of sad to hear him moaning in pain when they set him on fire. Once he catches on fire, the fireworks start. A sight to be seen for sure!

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