18 November 2013

JoAnna + Todd // 10.5.2013

This was the most beautiful wedding! JoAnna was my second friend I made in high school and we have been close ever since. The first time I met Todd I knew I liked him. He is the same kind of funny as JoAnna and they never stop laughing. Their wedding day was full of joy and Kerri and I had the best time shooting it.
My dear Jo is all grown up!
East Texas never does a wedding wrong :)
Joy, the middle sister, is my favorite sister to pick on.
JoAnna's parents, Mrs. Martha and Mr. Jim with Grandma and Grandpa Peden- they're good people.
This is the Pelaia family and they have the most beautiful hair. The dad, Butch, owns a great hair salon in Longview, Texas (www.yourdivineappointment.com). One time Butch complimented my hair at the salon and I have been holding on to that compliment ever since.
Going away photos from weddings are always my favorites.
Kerri Pearson was my second shooter/ arranger of people for portraits for this wedding. She is a fabulous Austin based photographer/soul mate.


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  2. Julziee!
    These are wonderful--what a talented daughter God gave us!