22 November 2013

What do I do at work?

People are always asking me what I do at work.
I'm the registrar of an art gallery, but do a lot more than just that.

Here we go:
Check pieces of art in and out of the gallery
Store art work
Hang work
Photograph work
Answering phone calls and figuring out what someone is talking about and who they need to be directed to
Write up the orders we get for kinetic sculptures
Talk people through malfunctions of said sculptures
Manage all warranties when something breaks
Ship the sculptures all over the world
Communicate with the artists
Design ads for magazines
Odd jobs like carving pumpkins and cleaning up a foam peanut attack
Arrange shipping for artwork
Figuring out what is wrong with a computer and either fixing it myself or telling our computer people what's happening
Visit all puppies that come through the gallery
Unload expensive sculptures that come in crates
Oversee all of the gallery's social media
Deliver brochures to all of the hotels around town
And then a bunch of random things that pop up

They keep me busy!

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