02 December 2013

Thanksgiving in Arizona

Completed puzzle; November 2013
Josh and I were in Arizona with his family this year for Thanksgiving and it just so happened to be my first away from home. I couldn't imagine a better family to have spent it with! We got to spend lots of time with both of Josh's sisters and his parents. They are just the best and so fun.

Things I thoroughly enjoyed:
Going to In-n-Out 3 times
Running a 10k
Running sister-in-law Sarah's old running route
Driving Uncle Bill's Mini Beep
Playing with the pups
My first Black Friday Shopping experience (Grey Thursday? Sister-in-law Rachel took me to Walmart on Thanksgiving Day. We had SO much fun and did not fear for our lives at any time.)
Assisting in hosting a baby shower
Laughing a lot
Meeting some of the ladies at a gallery my gallery works with
Playing with the nephews
My father-in-law talking about aliens
Finishing a puzzle
Playing many a game
Seeing lots of family

Things I missed from my family's Thanksgiving:
The Trap Shoot my Dad hosts
Marshmallows on sweet potatoes
Jessie's Spuds (specific to my Mom's family)
Donna's Banana Pudding (specific to my Mom's family)
My familia
East Texas fall leaves

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