04 December 2013

The Little Nephews

These little boys are the funniest and these pictures a from when their Aunt Sarah guided them through the cutest Thanksgiving craft. They look sooo big!

During Sarah's baby shower, Logan was sitting on my lap quietly, then turned around and asked me, "Where is the baby?" After I told him it was in Sarah's stomach he gave me the best "I think you're lying to me and you can't be serious" face. Derek asked his mom, Rachel, "How do babies make themselves?" randomly one night and it was impressive to watch Rach come up with an answer on her feet.

When telling Logan 'no' or something that he doesn't want to hear he drops his shoulders very dramatically and lets out a big sigh. It's tough being three. I can reenact this if you ever need me to.

I sat down to color with both of them and Logan asked me to draw him a back pack, so I did. Then, Derek wanted to draw one. I coached him through one back pack, but he drew several and they were so good! I hope he keeps drawing.

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