30 January 2014

A Family Feedsack Quilt

 I am so excited that I get to take care of this quilt! My Mom gave it to me before I got married and this house is the first chance I've gotten to display it. This quilt is from my Mom's side of the family and we aren't positive who made it. My Great Grandmother ("Granny Pool") or my Great Great Grandmother, ("Little Grandmother") could have made it. Either way, it is an awesome quilt and has definitely had a lot of love. There are several holes in it and a few stains, but she still looks pretty good. I'm still learning how to date quilts, but if my Great Grandmother made this it could be from the 1920s or 30s. I'll have to see if my Granny knows. All of the fabrics used for the piecing are more than likely old feedsacks.


  1. I am 99% sure Grandmother Pool mad it!

  2. Why aren't feed sacks that cute anymore?