21 April 2014

A dress, a dress, a little green dress

Once upon a time, I was at a Buffalo Exchange in San Antonio with my sister and our friend Hong. Hong is a fabulous young lady from Biloxi, Mississippi and could shop for my clothing any day. I would trust her with that task. On this particular day, I found the dress above, which was from Express in the spring of 2008 and was priced at $128. I found it for something around $10 in my size. It was wonderful, so I naturally bought it with the encouragement from Hong. "It's very Mad Men!!!"

I knew it needed to be altered, because I have the chest of a 12 year old, but I put it on before Easter last year and it was really bad. No amount of darts or taking in side seams would fix these woes. It was abandoned as my Easter dress for two years, but I vowed to take on the challenge.

Last February, I was super bored and needed a challenge, so I decided to completely redo it. I ripped all of the stitches out in the bodice and got to work. While I was working on it, I discovered that it was 100% silk, which was a more than pleasant surprise. After a thorough examination Dr. Julie Williams, clothing doctor, wrote her a prescription for a straight neck line, sheer fabric addition and a peter pan collar. After several hours of operations (blame the chiffon), little green dress came out a new, more flattering lady.

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