07 April 2014

American Museum of Natural History

This museum was AMAZING. I felt awful this day, but it was my goal to make it through the whole museum and I accomplished my goal, then promptly got sent back to KLG's friend's apartment to recoup. The museum itself was beautiful and on top of that all of the dioramas and displays were gorgeous. I had so many questions about the taxidermy jobs on all of the animals in there:
Where did they come from?
Did a master taxidermist do them?
Do they switch them out when it looks old?
Do they vacuum the fur?
What holds all of those elephants up?
The galleries that had all of the human-y things were really cool too. The South America section had lots of textiles that were all beautiful. The top floor has all of the dinosaurs and I could have spent several hours up there. I loved how they displayed the swimming and flying animals suspended from the ceiling. That method seems so much better that having them supported from the ground.

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