04 April 2014

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

 I loved visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I now understand how striking Lady Liberty was to all of those immigrants coming through Ellis Island. We took the ferry out to both islands and walked around both of them for a while. Ellis Island has a really cool museum with tons of pictures and I loved it. There is a section of the museum where there are lots of computers on which you can look up any ancestors that you know of that could've come through immigration on Ellis Island. We looked up Morrisons from Scotland for my family, but there were 5,000 listings of them and I had no idea if any of them were mine or not. There were a few listings for KLG's family that looked promising. The files that you could look at on the computers were passenger logs of immigrants. They had columns for height, profession, eye color, how much money they had on them, etc. It was so cool and I wish I knew where my ancestors came through!

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