26 May 2014

Santa Fe House Tour

You guys, I really like this house. It has just the right amount of space for Josh and me. It has the best wood floors through the majority of the house. The natural light in all of the rooms is amazing. It has a great backyard. The kitchen is definitely pink, but my vote is that we buy it and I rip the kitchen out. Art work includes pieces by Alvin Gill-TapiaJavier Lopez BarbosaAshley DosJules Buck Jones and myself!


  1. Nice job Julziee! When do you post the bedrooms and sewing room? Who would ever know my little girl is
    an art major?????

  2. It is especially important to note the television show that's on...

  3. You have the beautiful gift of making any place a home. This is some of your best work yet. My bro is one lucky guy!

  4. so much awesome in that house...