29 June 2014

Alvin's Painting Quilt

I'm so excited to share this quilt with you guys today! This one was made for Alvin Gill-Tapia, who was my best work friend at Mark White Fine Art, where I recently left my registrar position. Alvin traded me one of his paintings for making this quilt. We have been working on this quilt for several months now. Everything from selecting paintings to figuring out what material would best mimic the gold and silver leaf in some of his paintings. So fun!

Each of the blocks on the quilt is one of the paintings he has done over the years. Alvin paints mainly historical New Mexican churches and religious buildings, but also occasionally paints modern buildings from Arizona. The painting he gave me is Santorini One and is based on a building in Phoenix. I'm pretty sure I could write an entire essay on them. They are beautiful. The buildings are usually pretty plain and simple, but the quilt version of the paintings is even more simplified than the actual thing.

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  1. Nice job Julziee! That looks like so much work!