13 June 2014

Confession #70

I could live with this.
I think I have house remodeling fever. And the only cure is MORE REMODELING.

Emily and Russ just bought a house, my friends Sara and Erin are closing on new houses soon and I have recently fallen into the rabbit hole of "Flip or Flop" episodes on demand. I love a good makeover in house or furniture form. The first flip I assisted with was my Grandmother Pool's house that we lived in while I was in high school. My parents have since built a new house and my cousin Nathan now lives in that house. We did a lot of work in that house! Removed wall paper, painted, removed carpet, removed laminate tile, refinished wood floors (that was mostly Dad), made curtains, put in new blinds- the list could go on and on. I want to remodel another old house!

Let's go back to this Flip or Flop show. At first Josh and I weren't too sure about it, because the guy seems like a "bro" and like he didn't know what he was doing. BUT their houses always look amazing when they are done, so I decided to watch all of the episodes available to me. They don't always put granite in the kitchen (I'm not a fan) was exciting to me also. The more I watch it the more exciting the episodes get. The combination of fixing houses, design and a possible profit is intoxicating!

Will they get the house at the auction?
How much will Tarek miscalculate the renovation costs?
Will the house foundation be good?
Will they gut the whole thing?
Will Christine have to repaint the house again?
Is that room permitted?
Are the counters going to be granite or marble?
Is anything salvageable?

Let's go over budget and bulldoze the whole house!!!

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