13 June 2014

Holly Roberts

Fox with Fallen Eggs by Holly Roberts
I saw the image above a few weeks ago while flipping through THE Magazine looking for the ad I made for Mark White Fine Art and loved it immediately. It's a collage using photos and paint by Holly Roberts. Her work is shown here in Santa Fe at Zane Bennett. That gallery is a very pish posh contemporary gallery- the ones I try to stay out of, but I might need to go see these in person. Her website (here) is chock full of good work. I like when all of an artist's work is along the same line, because that means that they are sticking with their guns and making art like they want to.

What I found very interesting about her is that she has a blog (here) that she uses to tell the back stories on all of these pieces. I have only read a few, but they are very detailed and personal. In the subtitle for the blog she says:

30+ years of paintings, talked about one painting at a time: what went into the paintings, what I was trying to say, what was happening at the time of my life that I made the paintings. The paintings themselves are narrative, and this adds a little more to the story that they tell.

Adam and Eve with Apple
Forest Rider
(Girl) Barefoot Rider
Woman Trying to Touch her Toes

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