10 July 2014

Arizona 4th of July Festivities

 It's always a fun time in Arizona for the 4th of July! Josh and I got to stay for almost a week this year and had a blast. We got to see almost all of the family and got to play with all 3 nephews on this side of the family.

Josh's family usually does this big day where they get to the Prescott Town Square at an ungodly hour, reserve a picnic table, go to the parade, have a picnic and visit. We made it through most of the parade and then it started pouring. Everyone huddled under the tent that Aunt Cindy was so smart to bring and we waited. The rain continued and the thunder and lightening started, so we decided to pack up and meet back up at Grandma's house. I think all of us had a great, dry time visiting up there.

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