25 August 2014

Jemez Jemez Jemez

Greeter cows.
If you say Jemez three times and spin around all of the animals appear. 

Last week, Josh and I got to venture out to the Jemez Mountains and they are my favorites. We got to visit a natural hot spring, fish, hike and eat lunch at the elk burger place. Sadly, the elk burger place no longer has elk burgers. (They also carry Pepsi products instead of Coke now?!) This summer seems like it was pretty good for these mountains. Large parts of them were not on fire and they got lots of rain. The only thing about good rain is that the streams can get a little dirty. This means that the smart little trout can't really see you along side the stream, but they also aren't as active. Josh and I both caught 4 fish each. I caught two small trout and 2 suckerfish. Not really sure the suckerfish were supposed to be in those streams.
There are about 60+ elk in the bottom third part of this picture.