11 August 2014

Sewing Room Tour


Yaaaayyyyy! I have never had a dedicated sewing room before, and now I don't think I can ever not have one. The sewing room also houses our washing machine and dryer, bikes, drum kit and computers. Josh made the table for me and I stained the top and painted the bottom. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to store fabric, but have it accessible at the same time. The plastic totes are working for now, because I can usually remember what fabric I have and what category I have stored it away in. The posters/photos/crewel work hanging up behind the ironing board are all family made things or are inside jokes. They inspire me to do my best work.
Sewing Machine Note: This is my mom's Bernina that she bought in the 70s when she started teaching Home Ec. It is the best non-computerized machine I've ever worked on. My machine was getting a little wonky and does horrible button holes, so I had to bring in the big guns from Texas for a little while.

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