10 August 2014

Texas Photo Dump: Dallas

I had so much fun in Dallas! It was a little bit of an impromptu trip, but I'm so glad I got to see my people. Uncle Stanley and Aunt Kim ended up driving me to Dallas, because my original ride did not pan out. We drove straight to my cousin Ashley's house, checked out her furniture stash and promptly headed to In-n-Out. The apples in my family tree really don't fall far from each other. Ashley is in the middle of moving into/renovating a new house, so her shop isn't open yet, but she has a very cute furniture shop, Southern Honey Texas

They handed me off to my sister-in-law Sarah after we finished burger-ing. While I was compiling photos for this post, I realized that I took ZERO photos of Sarah, Owen or Chuck Bear. May that be a sign of how much fun I was having with them.
Sarah brought me to a quilt shop in McKinney, Texas called Quilt Asylum. We weren't sure what kind of quilt shop it would be, because of its location and the font of its sign on the building. It was sooooo cute and the fabric was extremely well-curated. As if I needed another excuse to visit Sarah...
And also, I would like to mention that Owen ever so kindly helped me drag all 3 (three!) of my suitcases of fabric and sewing machines into Dallas Love Field Airport and then hung around to make sure I could get the sewing machine through security in my carry-on. Muchas Gracias!!


  1. So very glad you came, even if it was too short and picture-less. We did get that darling photo of you and Chuck Bear in front of In-N-Out…I mean, priorities!

  2. looks a lot like Buster