10 September 2014

2014 Disneyland Half Marathon

We did it! We did it! Three of my Santa Fe friends and I successfully trained for and completed the Disneyland Half Marathon. That is 13.1 miles. I'm so proud of those girls. We all worked hard and encouraged each other along the way. I was pretty nervous that I wouldn't be able to finish up until I got into my starting corral. Once I got around all of those other runners and pumped some Beyonce, I was fine. Or maybe I was just sleepy? (We had to be at the starting line by 5:15am.) My dear, sweet husband woke up with me at four in the morning and drove us girls to the starting line. He was also able to find me at mile 9.5 to cheer me on and to document that I was actually running. Overall, I had a great time running this distance, but probably would not want to run in such a large race again. Over 15,000 people finished this one!
Sara, Jen, me, and Tanya

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