17 September 2014

Hearst Castle- Inside

 Hearst Castle was a very interesting place. The morning Josh and I went the fog was rolled in heavy from the ocean. You couldn't see the castle from the road, only when the bus brought you right up to it. The fog just gave it this erie feeling since you couldn't see out. We took the tour of the grand rooms, so just the bottom floor. It was interesting to see all of those different kinds and ages of art all together. Kind of like someone randomly ripped different pages out of all of my art history textbooks and made a new textbook out of them? It seemed like Mr. Hearst would find a ceiling from a European palace or a pew from a church and build a room around that piece. Definitely very eclectic. My favorite part of the tour was at the very end when we watched home videos of various famous people who came to visit.


  1. That pool room is ridic... Does anyone still live there?

    1. Our tour guide said that the family comes to visit it sometimes. I'm not sure what they do there? If you look at the picture of the pool, there is a modern ladder by the original ladder. That makes me think that someone goes swimming in there.