17 September 2014

Hearst Castle- Outside

Annnnd the outside of the castle! While touring the inside I was preoccupied with looking at all of the art mixed together. Once I got outside I began to wonder how in the world they got all of this material up on that mountain. The castle is basically in the middle of nowhere- four hours from L.A. And the castle is so big and has so many out buildings. And the castle is on top of this very steep mountain. I can't imagine how much of a hassle it would have been to make the road leading up the mountain, then to have to drag all of the stone, tile, grout, mortar, antiques, etc. up that road. Oof!
Statue Joshua
This need to be a cover image for a indie album.
The elusive zebras! These are descendants of the original zebras Mr. Hearst brought to the castle for his personal zoo. When he could no longer afford to feed some of the animals, he let them loose on his property. The zebra have thrived here and seemed to get along really well with the Black Angus cattle in this pasture.

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