19 September 2014

Whale Watching

The rarely seen dog at a spot that doesn't allow dogs.
This post is a bunch of pictures of whales and other seafaring animals, so you should leave if you don't like otters.

After we saw the Hearst Castle and after we saw the excellent Elephant Seals we got a real treat. Like the treat of all treats. The guy who checked us into our inn in Cambria, California mentioned that there were whales spotted recently along the coast, brought in by a swarm of anchovies. Josh and I didn't really expect to see them.

We stopped at the Hearst Beach to scope out a possible body boarding/ beach lounging location and noticed that there were a bunch of people standing at the end of the pier. All of sudden Josh goes, "Oh man! Did you see that?" I looked out into the ocean and there were whales!! We scrambled to the end of the pier. There was a pod of humpback whales feeding on a school of the fish right off of the coast. There were also pelicans, otters, sea lions and dolphins hanging around. It was like some sort of Disney movie with the Hearst Beach Rangers narrating.

For a while I was standing behind a bunch of people and couldn't see much. I decided to move over to one side of the pier to get a further away view, but a fuller view of the whales. Then, all of a sudden, these two small humpback whales surface RIGHT BY WHERE I WAS STANDING. One went back under the water, and the other stayed towards the surface. It was so amazing and I felt so little. And those were only the babies swimming by!
State bird of Louisiana!
First position finally came in handy.
Loved the color and movement of the water and kelp.
One of Josh's favorite animals, the Sea Otter!
This was a sea lion.

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  1. Jealous. Of the whales. Why is that pup stuck on the fence?!