22 October 2014

A Multipurpose Grand Canyon Visit!

This past weekend was a blast! We headed over to Arizona to celebrate a couple of family birthdays, a family wedding, a quilt delivery and to see some of our favorite friends. 

On Saturday, we ventured up north to the Grand Canyon. This was kind of my first time there? My first trip was around age 2 and I don't remember anything. I think I'll remember this go around. It is so beautiful and vast! Josh and I were able to meet up with KayLynn, Michael and Gaius! They were on their big vacation of the year. KLG and I have practically been coast to coast with each other this year. :)
After we got to visit with KLG and MAG and get my first look at the Grand Canyon, they dropped us off at one of Josh's cousin's weddings. It was a small wedding on the edge of the canyon and it was beautiful! We were missing several parts of Josh's immediate family, but still managed to have some fun. I was honored to be Sarah's stand-in for the cousin dance at the wedding reception, but I did get Shawn (another married in cousin) to join in on the dancing.
 Also, let it be known that all three of us girls navigated the Grand Canyon wedding in these heels.

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  1. A lot of good looking folks in these pictures - the Canyon isn't that bad either...