21 October 2014

Mrs. Laurel's Camping Quilt

Sooooo excited to share this quilt with you!!!
My mother-in-law has been working on redecorating a few rooms in her house, one of them being a bedroom that she wanted to do in an outdoorsy theme. She found a few bedspreads that would've been great for the room, but they would sell out, not be quite right, etc. I found a set of paper pieced block patterns on Etsy (here) and somehow convinced Mrs. Laurel that I could make this quilt for her. This was the first time I'd ever done paper piecing and I totally disregarded all directions I read about this method of making a quilt block. This was also the first quilt I've ever taken to a professional long arm quilter. I couldn't fit this quilt in my sewing machine to quilt it and I knew it would look great with an edge to edge quilting pattern, so the decision to take it was not hard!



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  1. Wonderful quilt Julziee! Is it a queen?