23 October 2014

Running Gear Recommendations

As of late, running has been a big part of my life. (Note: I seem to be taking a break from it since the half marathon, but I'll get back in the long distance saddle soon.) Getting the right combination of running gear has taken me a while, but once I got it down my running improved. Shoes truly are the most important thing and I happen to be a Nike girl. I have never tried Asics or Brooks, but I'm sure they are great for other people. So, these are the things I have found that are good!

1. C9 by Champion Reversible Compression Racer Sports Bra (here)- Out of all of the sports bras I own, this one is always my go to lady.
2. Nike FS Lite Running Shoes (here)- I have tried four different kinds of shoes for running and these have been the best for me. They are very light and bendy, but don't have the grips in the sole like the Nike Air. They are less likely to grab rocks while you're running and cause you to stop and pick them out.
3. Nike Gym Vintage Full-Zip Hoodie (here)- I live in this hoodie. Love the texture, color, sleeve length, etc. The zipper is easy to navigate once I've warmed up at the gym and am ready to take it off. The fabric is a good texture for tying it around your waist and it not slipping when running outside.
4. MPG Running Leggings (here)- Found a pair of these suckers at TJ Maxx and I love them. The pair I found have stripes on them and make me feel fast. They are the thickest leggings I've found and they don't stretch out after several wearings.
5. Nike Tempo Running Shorts (here)- The sorority girls are on to something with these. I got a pair on clearance at Sports Authority and would totally go back and get a pair at full price. There's something about the cut of the leg that makes them so much better than the Target brand.
6. Belkin Slimfit Armband (here)- This little lady is my constant running companion. I have found the velcro to be very strong, so that I never have to worry about my phone flying off. It did cause some major chafing on my arm during the half marathon, but I think I could fix that with some chafing cream.
7. Asics  Intensity Low Athletic Socks (here)- Not too fluffy, not too thin. They even have little tabs so they don't slip under your heel in your shoe! This might just be my house, but these socks also seem to catch every piece of hair and thread on my floors. Bonus sweeping help!
8. Nike + Running App (here)- Cannot. Run. Without. I love graphs, numbers and tracking way too much to not run with this. It tracks your distance, pace, calories burned, etc.
9. Any racerback tank top (here)- I'm a super sweaty exerciser and get to feeling too hot easily, but the racerback has been a great discovery. I'm not bold enough to wear just a sports bra running, so the racerback is the perfect amount of coverage for me.

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