30 October 2014


Granny's Living Room
What a weird week.

Saturday night most of mine and Josh's church friends all got together to carve pumpkins and watch the Giants game. We had a great time getting to see everyone since we've been out of town a lot. The guys were probably talking about sports things. The girls were talking about the upcoming Hot Chocolate run in Phoenix that some of the running group is going to. The kids were looking through their candy from the Trunk or Treat they'd just come from. It was peaceful.

On Sunday, Pastor Lee taught about weeping with those who are weeping and rejoicing with those who are rejoicing. Afterwards, we had lunch with a bunch of our friends. Lunch with all of them is always fun. They all have funny stories to share, their kids are funny and they are always encouraging if need be.

Monday was the usual. Got groceries. Saw my friend Charlotte. Went to JoAnn's. Talked to my Mom on the phone. Convinced my sister to come out to Santa Fe. Did some sewing.

Tuesday was the worst. Over the past few months, my Granny's personality has changed dramatically. I have thought for a long time that she was just sad about Grandad passing away and adjusting to not being as mobile and independent as she used to be. She has started to get paranoid about a number of things and her disposition has been strange.

It crossed my mind that she could have dementia or something, but I kind of disregarded that thought. After talking to my sister about things that were going on with her, I decided to read up on dementia and see what the symptoms were. The symptoms I was reading were everything crazy that Granny has been doing. I'm pretty sure that Granny has some sort of dementia issue and am heartbroken. She is one of my best friends.

There was one point in my childhood when Mom decided that it was time to get a new couch. I was SO upset. As far as I was concerned, our current couch was perfectly fine and it was my favorite color and I was attached to it. I staged a sit in and then got a call from Granny. Our personalities are pretty similar, so she knew I was having trouble with change. She talked me through getting the new couch and said that changes will come and they can be good things. I'm not so sure about that advice right now, but I know it is good advice.

Then on Tuesday, Josh came home and discovered via Facebook that one of our friends had been killed. We just saw him Saturday at the pumpkin carving. He was a Sheriff's Deputy and was shot by a fellow deputy. We are in complete shock that this happened. His wife is one of my running friends and every once in a blue moon I help her with Awana at church. I don't want to mention their names, so bear with me. They are the sweetest family, with another little one on the way.

I hadn't seen her in a while when I saw her on Saturday. She was telling me that her daughter was wanting to wear mascara with her Halloween costume, but she thought she was too young. Her youngest son is pretty shy around adults, but somehow Josh got him to talk to him when the he was playing a game by himself. I am at a complete loss on what to say to her when I see her.

My funniest memory of her husband was after we ran the Albuquerque Blacklight Run last year. Sarah L. posted a group picture of us on her Facebook page, and this friend was front and center in a hot pink running tank. Her husband commented, "Who's the one in the hot pink?!" Sarah L. said, "I'm sure I could set you up on a blind date!" and he commented back, "Nah, she's out of my league." Josh and I will be going to the service on Saturday and I'm sure this one is going to be particularly hard.

It has been and will continue to be a tough week, but I know that God is in control. In most sad things I've experienced there are tons of happy experiences paired right with the sad. I will try to go to those memories.

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  1. Julie, I'm so sorry you're having such a tough week. My Grandpa passed away just last month from Alzheimer's and it was a very difficult and heartbreaking experience for our entire family. You are not alone. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend passing- praying for you and your community. Love always from Perry and I in NYC!