24 October 2014

Traditional Meets Modern


If you haven't noticed, I love quilts. They have a permanent place in my heart. One thing that I don't really like is social media, but I know it's a valuable tool (blah, blah, blah). When I got an iPhone, one of the very first apps I installed was Instagram. I love it! You can take and share photos on it and it's great.

One of the most unexpected things about Instagram for me was all of the extremely specific hobby groups that have a presence. Fitness, photography, style, hair, horses- the list could go on. My favorite group is all of the hundreds of quilters that use #quilting, #quilt, #longarmquilting so that you can find them within the app. If I ever have a piece of fabric and I'm not sure what kind of block it needs to be, I go to Instagram to see what everyone is doing.

It's funny and awesome to me that quilting has found another home in social media. There have been a lot of quilting blogs over the years, but Instagram makes it easier to share ideas, ask questions and gather inspiration. I also love seeing people making something traditional into something modern and keeping it current.

Photo Credits in Instagram Accounts: @samanthaleeolsen, @libselliot, @samanthaleeolsen, @reeneatnelliesniceties, @shequiltsalot, @simplysolids, @thimbleblossoms, @kylesan88, meg_boss

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