31 October 2014

Where I Buy Fabric

One thing that I have a true passion for in life is fabric. I love fabric and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm also not scared of it or overwhelmed by it, which can be a problem for a lot of people. There is a lot of fabric out there, you guys.

Real Stores:
1. JoAnn's- In the recent downfall of Hancock Fabrics, JoAnn's has become my main go to store. I get most of my quilt fabrics here and can usually find some good stuff. Sometimes they manage to get fabric lines from popular fabric designers and are still able to sell the fabric at JoAnn's prices. The JoAnn's in Santa Fe isn't as good as some of the other locations, but I have befriended the managers there and they are really good to me.

2. Small, Independent Quilt Shops- These are the life blood of the quilting community! There is only one quilt shop in Santa Fe and they are fabulous. Quilt shops will generally sell designer fabric that is popular and/or current. Some shops can't let go of some of the older fabrics that are out of style for modern quilting, but they do usually have other things.

3. Mood- I have officially been to both the NYC and LA locations of this store! Did not get to go in the LA location, but that is another story. This store is just as good as it seems on Project Runway. Beautiful, high quality fabric covering every inch of the store. Loved my visit!

4. Hancock Fabrics- My first job was at the Hancock's in Longview, Texas and that will probably always be my favorite job I've had. Whenever I'm making clothing, I try to go to Hancock's so I can see certain materials in person. They usually have nice wool, poplin, etc. Randomly they will have really great quilting and home decor fabrics at decent prices, but they are not reliable for those.

Online Shops:
1. Hawthorne Threads- Love these guys. They carry almost all designer lines at reasonable prices. My favorite thing about them is how fast they are. Almost always, they have your fabric in the mail the day after you order it, and it is in your hands in 1-3 days. If you order several yards of a material, they give you a discount for buying more.

2. Fabric.com- I was suspicious of this website, fearing that they were based in China or something, but they are based in Georgia, I believe. They have anything and everything you could ever dream of. I usually only buy solid Kona cotton from them, mainly because they have all of the Kona colors.

3. Etsy- Etsy is great for a number of reasons! Etsy has saved me a time or two when I have purchased closeout fabric at Hancock's, then not had enough. Just last week this happened, and I was able to search for the fabric I didn't have enough of. Voila! Someone had several yards of it and had it for a better price! Etsy is also good, because quilt shops don't always carry every single print in a line of quilt fabrics, so some Etsy shops will have the more excluded prints.

4. Mood- Just as good as the store! May I recommend the lace section.

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