17 November 2014

The Most Terrible Intersection of Them All

Santa Fe was founded in 1610, but has been a city center for much longer than that. I have to remind myself of this when the roads here frustrate me. They are not laid out very well and none of them go in a straight line. Some change names randomly. Some are not very wide. Some still aren't paved.

But this. This is the most ridiculous road intersection in the history of everything. It is where two of the most traveled roads in Santa Fe meet- Cerrillos and St. Francis/Highway 84. In addition to the two major roads crossing, the New Mexico Road Runner Passenger Train, a hike and bike trail and 4 crosswalks go through this intersection. You can't turn left from St. Francis onto Cerrillos from either direction. Homeless people sell newspapers on each of the medians. War protesters protest on the corners. The actual intersection is so large if you enter on one side with a yellow light, you'll exit the intersection with a red light. Even with it being so large, people still run red lights on the regular. There is also a Starbucks on one of the corners that happens to have a very small parking lot and drive through. This causes the line to spill out onto the street, which then back traffic up into the intersection.

Even with all of this going on in this one intersection, it runs remarkably smoothly. The only time it gets backed up is when the Road Runner train passes through at rush hour.

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