15 December 2014

Thanksgiving 2014


I don't usually wish away my days, but I think I'm ready for the new year.

For Thanksgiving, Josh and I were supposed to go to East Texas for my family's festivities. We set out in our trusty Fiesta the Saturday before Thanksgiving, planning to stop at Sarah and Owen's   (sister in law and brother in law) house in Dallas before heading to my Mom and Dad's house. A little over halfway through Texas, Josh got a phone call from his Mom. She let us know that his Dad (Mr. Mike) was in the emergency room and they weren't exactly sure what was going on. We decided to keep on heading to Dallas, since we were over halfway there. That was the worst and probably the longest trip across Texas. It also started raining when we got to Childress and at one point when I pulled over to get gas I drove through a giant lake puddle on the off ramp. Now Fiesta makes a tornado alarm noise when you turn the air conditioning on.

By the time we arrived in Dallas, Mr. Mike had entered into a brain surgery and we were freaked out. My sister's husband is a medical doctor, so I was asking him about the situation and he said he would get out to Josh's dad as soon as possible. Josh, Sarah, Owen and I started planning how to get all of us and Josh's other sister Rachel and Chuck Bear up to Washington state where Mr. Mike was working. Mrs. Laurel was already on her way.

Somehow we all made it to Portland, OR. We met up with Rachel at the airport and continued on to Eastern Washington. When we arrived at the hospital, Mr. Mike was still in the ICU, but was in high spirits. That's one of my favorite features of Josh's family- the ability to stay positive in different situations.

On Monday, Mr. Mike was moved to a regular hospital room. We were allowed to stay in the room as long as we wanted. Once he was allowed to walk around, we walked around a lot. I think each of us took turns walking Chuck Bear around when he would get restless. On Tuesday, we had to send Rachel back to Arizona for work. Mr. Mike and Mrs. Laurel decided that they wanted to go home to Arizona for the rest of Mr. Mike's treatments. When they made that decision, we started packing up his apartment, ending leases, and getting things ready for a road trip.

We busted Mr. Mike out of the hospital and took him for a walk along the Columbia River. It was a beautiful day and the first time we'd seen the sun in several days. They are not kidding about the rainy/foggy weather in the Pacific Northwest. For Thanksgiving dinner, we went to a local restaurant. I think that was the first restaurant Thanksgiving any of us had had!

Extremely early in the morning on Friday, Sarah and I drove Mr. Mike and Mrs. Laurel to the airport, where they caught a flight to Phoenix. Sarah, Chuck Bear and I continued on to Portland. We dropped the rental car off and caught a flight back to Dallas. Josh and Owen wrapped up the last few chores at Mr. Mike's apartment and began to drive his truck back to Arizona.

On Saturday, I drove to my parent's house. I remember feeling a little off, but thought it was because the air conditioner in my car wasn't working (refer back to me driving through the lake puddle). On Sunday, I was able to go to church with my parents, have Mexican food, and visit my Granny. On Monday morning I woke up with the stomach flu and ended up going to the emergency room. Mom and Dad spent most of my visit taking care of me. The icing on the cake was when Granny had to be moved from a rehab center to a behavioral hospital while I was home. I did eventually make it back to New Mexico, free of the stomach flu.

With all of these things going on, I'm extremely thankful for both of my families and medical technology.

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