12 January 2015

Confession #71

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I have the distinct pleasure of attracting crying babies wherever I go. They find me at Target, restaurants, church, airports, grocery stores, parking lots. You know, normal places that humans can be found. I usually have good luck in movie theaters, because reasonable people don't bring children under 10 to grown up movies. This luck did not extend to my life in New Mexico.

If you ever visit Santa Fe do not go to the movies. All of my worst movie experiences have been here. The worst one by far was yesterday when I went to see "Into the Woods" with my friends Erin and Laine. (They are excellent movie buddies.) We sat on the second to last row at the top. Throughout the movie several people in the audience were on their phones. They didn't even have their screen brightness lowered. But that was nothing compared to the ladies behind us. They brought an infant and two four-ish year old girls. "Into the Woods" is totally not a children's movie and I don't think the advertising made it out to be, either. So, the baby cried the entire movie. The four-ish year olds kicked our seats many a time. The two adult ladies carried on a conversation in Spanish for much of the movie. At one point one of the little girls came and sat on the steps next to my seat and ate something with her mouth open.

At the movies, please don't:
-bring small children to a grown up movie.
-kick people's seats in front of you.
-eat extremely loudly.
-check your phone.


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