13 January 2015

Favorite Trend: Booties

Booties booties booties everywhere!

When the ankle boot/booties trend started up, I wasn't too sure about it. They seemed like they would shorten the visual length of one's legs and make people who don't have cankles look like they have cankles. Then, the magical wizard that is Pinterest took me under her wing and said, "there, there sweet child" and showed me the way of the bootie. The bootie is a wardrobe essential. With regular boots, I feel like you have to plan your outfit around them. You can wear skinny jeans and tuck them in or wear a skirt/dress and tights. Booties can be worn with regular straight cut jeans or dresses or skirts or skinny jeans or whatever you feel like! And I was super wrong about thinking booties making your legs look shorter. When I wear my booties, I feel like I have a 36" inseam. That is supermodel business, you guys. They are an easy way to dress up any outfit without wearing heels.

My Picks:
Mossimo Hartley II Buckle Ankle Boot
 These booties are from Target and they are great. The heel isn't very high and this color goes with everything. I appreciate that they are not real leather, because I live in a snowy climate and can get a little snow on them. They were very easy to break in and I wear them with socks usually.

Forever 21 Hidden Wedge Booties
I get a compliment on these every time I wear them. There is a hidden 3" wedge in there, but you don't even notice because it's a wedge. They are super comfortable even with the 3" of height. I wear them with jeans and dresses with tights. For Forever 21, this is a pretty high quality shoe!

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  1. Yeah gurrl! I got mine at F21 for supah cheap and they are def essentials now. Love me some booties ;-)