20 January 2015

Favorite Trend: Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is my #1 fashion crush. I think she is all things classic, tasteful and stylish. She always looks beautiful when she dresses up for the red carpet, but my favorite of her outfits is her daily uniform. A solid blazer, printed shirt, dark jeans and wedges. I have adopted this as my own uniform, except for the wedges because I'm already taller than everyone.

This would be a great outfit combo for anyone. Dark, well-fitted pants look great on any body. A printed shirt (whether it be button up or a tshirt) that fits well covers up any midsection trouble spots and adds visual interest to an outfit. A great fitting blazer polishes any outfit and, if it is the right cut, nips any waist in.

The main reason Kate's outfits are so successful is that everything fits as it should. Her shirts are not too tight. Her jeans are a great fit for her body type. Her blazers fit beautifully- arms aren't too large, shoulders fit, waist is fitted to her own. I hope the Kate Middleton trend takes to the general public! This could be the end of Uggs in public!

My Picks:
Target Merona Women's Tailored Blazer
I just bought this blazer in the clearance section for $10! A couple of years ago I bought the plaid version of this blazer Target had at the time. They usually have 5 different colors/prints at any given time. Anyway, this blazer is a great wardrobe staple to have. They are not expensive, but fit great! And I have to admit that sometimes Target stuff isn't the best quality, but these blazers are very well made. On another note, I hate how they styled this blazer for the website photo. Yuck!

Anthropologie Woodland Walk Buttondown
Once again, Anthro fuels my obsession of shirts with woodland creatures on them. I do not have this top, but who is to say that it might never end up in my closet?

Gap Legging Jeans
 These jeans!!!!! This is my current go-to jean. I just convinced sister-in-law Sarah to get a pair and I believe she has been enjoying them. They are perfect- dark wash, no back pocket embellishments and they hold their shape. Buyer beware- the blue dye does rub off for a while. Great with regular shoes, also great tucked into boots!

Aldo Eowowia Wedge
A nice, simple leather wedge will do any outfit some good. I think these would be Kate approved.

PS: This post is in memory of the Santa Fe Gap and J. Crew. They both closed their doors in January and I officially only have Target left to clothes shop at in Santa Fe. Albuquerque is only an hour away, so I think I'll be okay.

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