15 January 2015

Snow Pups

One of my favorite Arizona activities this Christmas was playing with the brown dogs in the snow. Both of the family chocolate labs, Wyatt and Lewis, were at Mrs. Laurel's house this year and they were so much fun! Except when Lewis calf roped himself in the electric fence and it was scary. Both of the pups loved the snow. Their favorite activity was when someone would throw a snowball at their faces and they would catch it. Lewis could jump really high to catch them, but Wyatt could run really fast and catch them. So funny.


  1. Mr. Lewis misses the country. He's looked depressed ever since we got back to TX. I won't show him these photos, but I would love to have them.

    Also, what is wrong with my brother? Shorts in the snow?

  2. Jorts are for all seasons...

    It's too bad we missed getting a shot right when Wyatt gave you a love paw to the face.