11 February 2015

Good sewing patterns are out there!

In high school and the beginning of college, I worked at Hancock Fabrics. They gave me many jobs around the store, but one that I always enjoyed was the pattern drawers. If you have never been to a fabric store- all of the patterns are stored in these giant metal filing cabinets, stored in number order by designer. I would get to file new patterns, take out the old ones and take note of which ones I wanted to buy when they went on sale. Yes, I was super boring in high school.

Clothing patterns have always had a big gap in women's clothing. There are tons of children's patterns and there are a lot for women over 40. BUT! Lately several pattern companies have actually been making well designed pieces for PEOPLE MY AGE. I don't have to take patterns and completely rework them! Huzzah! Below are a few of them I hope to get my paws on at some point.

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  1. Tute! You can make me these, except I don't need a coat. :D