21 July 2015

Chicago: Day One

Look into My Dreams, Awilda by Juame Plensa
We left for Chicago at the crack of dawn on Friday and arrived in town by lunch time. Our first stop was Shake Shack, then we headed over to Millennium Park. Loved this park, despite the fact that it is a gigantic tourist trap. All of the art was beautiful and I enjoyed getting to see a few more pieces I learned about in art school. My favorite piece that I didn't know about was the Crown Fountain. There were two tall pillars that had video of people's faces. Every few minutes the people would open their mouths and water would come out of their mouths. The kids seemed to be enjoying it most of all. Beautiful park!
me, Caitlyn, Jen, Erin and Sara!
Cloud Gate "The Bean" by Anish Kapoor
Look into My Dreams, Awilda by Juame Plensa
Crown Fountain by Juame Plensa
Caitlyn and Jen getting a cupcake

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  1. Great job of the trip coverage, Julziee! I love the photos taken on the boat trip!