22 July 2015

Chicago: Day Two

Alicia, Jen, me, Sara
On the morning of day two in Chicago, we also woke up at the crack of dawn! The Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon was in town that weekend, but none of us were ready for that. So, we ran a distance we don't usually run as a group: a 5k! I am SO GLAD we didn't run a longer distance than the 5k. That was the hardest race I've ever run. It was incredibly hot and humid- by the end of the race it was approximately 88F with 85% humidity. I'm not even kidding. We all thought it would be a cooler run, because the course goes along Lake Michigan. Ha! Lake Michigan ended up adding to the heat, because it felt like the heat was bouncing up off of the water. Blech! But we finished and had a good rest afterwards (see grass pictures below).

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