10 July 2015

Confession #72

Pretty Em at one of the reenactments
There has been a lot of talk in the past few weeks about the Confederate battle flag. I think it is about time to talk about it, too! I have things to say about this!

I was born in Mississippi, spent my formative years in Louisiana, and did more growing up in Texas. My whole family lives in Texas. I would say that I'm a born and bred southerner. Growing up in Louisiana was great and I really enjoyed it. BUT. There were many things in the community as a child I recognized were not equal amongst the races. Even things that happened in history that were still widely celebrated. Enter, the Civil War and the Confederate battle flag.

Some things commemorating the Civil War were, I think, innocent and meant to be a learning experience. One of my sister's good friends' dad was a park ranger for a local battle site and they got us into going to the battle site's Civil War reenactment each March. I enjoyed watching Gone with the Wind each year to get into character and helping my Mom and sister make our costumes. I learned a lot about the war going to these. They do mock battles, medical demonstrations, Civil War era games, vendors with era appropriate fares (sarsaparilla!)- all sorts of different things.

Then there were the people who still flew the Confederate battle flag on the front of their houses...

I recognize that the Civil War happened and that people in the South more than likely have generations that fought in those battles in their ancestry. What I don't understand is why you would fly the Confederate battle flag on your house in the name of heritage. Is that all your family did? Is there nothing better to remember them by? Yes, they fought for their states rights, but what else what the Civil War about? Hmm...

This is not arguable in my book. The most important part of the Civil War was freeing the slaves. Those poor people were stolen from their homelands, beaten, forced to work without pay, and treated like cattle among other heinous things. That is the one of the most shameful things that humans can do to each other. Don't even tell me that the Civil War was about state rights. It was about human rights.

In my mind, if you are flying that flag I can't even begin to think about your heritage. My mind automatically goes to thinking "They need to read up on their history and rethink their choices." Never would I think that they were a "rebel" type of personality. I do understand that we live in a free country and you can fly whatever flag you want to on your house. I also understand that we live in a free country and I can say that I think you are being insensitive to African Americans by flying the Confederate battle flag. So there.

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  1. Amen (but you already knew I agreed with you). : )
    Best line, "Don't even tell me that the Civil War was about state rights. It was about human rights."
    Preach it.