17 July 2015

Confession #73

I enjoy our gym in Santa Fe most of the time. It has nice equipment, good classes and the managers are great. Josh and I also got our memberships for a downright steal. The only problem with it is the people that go there. Josh has some trouble with people just hanging out in the weights area blocking things that he needs and I have issues with the old ladies that go there.

Old ladies who go to the gym are ruthless thugs. There, I said it.

SCENE: Our gym in Santa Fe. There is a balcony area that has one treadmill, a bunch of stationary bikes and the rowing machines. There is one portable fan up there. Downstairs, there is a weight lifting area, a ton of treadmills, a classroom, and other general gym things. Down there is one giant fan on the ceiling that doesn't do anything and approximately 4 portable fans. The fans are important to note, because there is no air conditioning in the main gym, only in the classroom.

Incident #1:
One day I was upstairs on the sole treadmill running 4 miles. Before I started I turned the fan on and directed it towards my back and a few other ladies that were exercising. Around mile 2.5 I started to feel really hot all of a sudden, but kept going. When I finished my mileage, I get off the treadmill, turn around and see that this old lady has taken the fan and has it blowing only on her. The best pat was that she wasn't even exercising! She was just sitting on a stationary bike reading a magazine! I did move the fan so that it was blowing on her AND the other ladies exercising by her before I left.

Incident #2:
This day was a great example of people not caring about other people or paying attention to their surroundings. I was running 7 miles this day and I did so on one of the new treadmills downstairs. (It was too hot to run outside.) I also planned to go to the gym when there aren't many people there, so that I could get a fan. So, I get my fan, point in at my front and start running. Around mile 3 or so, this older lady gets on the treadmill next to me and starts walking slowly. Out of the 10 other empty treadmills, she chose the one next to me. Around my mile 4, this man comes in the gym, comes up to the walking lady next to me and they start talking. She starts motioning towards the fan. He walks around to right in front of me and TURNS IT COMPLETELY OFF. I made a hand motion like "what the heck, man!" but he did not see me or ignored me. They continue to talk, then the man leaves and the lady gets off of the treadmill. Neither one of them turned the fan back on. I think I ran 2.5 miles without a fan in my general area and it was HOT. It was in the low 90s outside that day, so I don't know how hot it was in the gym.

Maybe one day I will be able to buy a treadmill and some other equipment so that I don't have to go to the gym anymore. Or I could learn how to run outside in the heat and cold? Until then, I will have to try my best to stay away from the old ladies!

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