16 July 2015


Homies; February 2015
Loving: The cool summer weather Santa Fe has been having for the past few weeks. The beginning of the summer was getting a little testy without air conditioning, but it has cooled down tremendously.

Reading: "Far from the Madding Crowd" by Thomas Hardy. My Mom has been raving about this book for years, but I just saw the movie and now I HAVE to read the book. Mainly to see if Gabriel's dog is really that terrible in the book.

Watching: Cops! Owen the brother in law came to visit a few months ago, and while he was here we watched a few episodes of Cops. Josh and I are now watching full on Cops marathons.

Thinking about: How good travel is for you. It's good to take a break from your routine every once in a while and go see some things.

Excited about: Going to see my seester at the end of August! We are going to work on her house and coo over Garrett. (!!!)

Looking forward to: GOING TO CHICAGO TOMORROW WITH MY FRIENDS!!! I have never been and am excited to check it out. One of our friends from church moved there last year and the other girls wanted to go to a Taylor Swift concert with her. I did not want to go to the T Swift concert, but did want to visit Chicago with my current travel posse. So, they are going to the concert and I am indulging in one of my favorite hobbies: relaxing at hotels. It's a win-win situation!

Making me happy: The "Fancy Fox" quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. I love how she designed this and how many different ways you could make this quilt! (pattern here)

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