14 July 2015

Dining Room Revamp

Our dining room got a little makeover! All of the colorful art was getting a little overwhelming, so I decided to tone it down a little bit. My sister made some wooden cornice boards for one of her houses and I've been thinking about them ever since, so I tried my hand at one. I might take it down and varnish it, but the stain is enough for now. I'd also been eyeballing curtains at Anthro that had pom poms on them. Of course I couldn't hang with the price they were selling them for, so I made some myself for a quarter of the price. Now I want to put pom poms on everything... The picture hanging up is one from last summer's trip to Josh's college campus (post here). It is indeed a picture of a bush, but I find it oddly endearing for a photo.

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