20 July 2015

Favorite Trend: Wallpaper

I'm hesitant to say that wallpaper is a favorite trend, because it is my least favorite home renovation demo project to take part in. It's probably best to only use it in small areas. Best for future you who now hates wallpaper. Best for the next person who owns your house. Best if you are horrible at applying wallpaper...

Wallpaper is a great way to add color and texture in a dramatic way. I love seeing a beautiful wallpaper paired with clean, simple design elsewhere in the room. Take the bathroom above, the wallpaper is bold and dramatic, but the fixtures are simple and clean cut. Balance, people, balance!
Watercolor Peony, Anthro, $148 // Teaspoons, Anthro, $298
Smoky Rose, Anthro, $198 // Peonies, Anthro, $198
Charcoal Bouquets, Anthro, $198 // Chasing Paper Speckle, UO, $55

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